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Our Puppies In Their New Homes
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Hi Lorraine,
Took Rebel to our vet the day after we brought him home and the vet was very impressed. He had nothing but high praise
for the breeder.  He said he had been well taken care of and his bone structure was excellent.  He also said he had never
seen a brown and white Parti Poodle and he thought Rebel was beautiful  Took him to the pet store to buy toys and supplies
and everyone with a cell phone had to have a picture.
He bonded very quickly and Jim has him playing fetch with a ball and Frisbee--Jim does a lot for the fetching!!
Only cried a little the first night in a crate, next night was restless, but 
third night sleep like a
baby. We love him dearly.

Pat - Punta Gorda, FL
Hello Lorraine,
Jaydah is doing extremely well.  She is so smart and as you can see, gorgeous. She is actually a very good guard dog.  I was told that standards are friendly to all, but she is a good protector.  She is great for clipping and does wonderful with the family.  How are your dogs and pups??  Hope all is well. 
 Happy New Year!

Jennifer, Hisperia, CA

Jaydah at
1 year
Hi Lorraine, 
Bobby is a WONDERFUL dog!  Of course he is lovely to look at, but he is so smart.  Already sitting for food, waiting at the door until I signal him to go out, etc.  And his disposition is so great, very sweet and responsive. I love to train in a happy positive way - some dogs are too headstrong for that but he seems to thrive on it so far!  
Good breeding, you!
Suzi, St Augustine, FL
Dear Lorraine.
I just can't tell you how happy we are with Sloan!  He really is gorgeous and displays such a great temperament.  You can just tell that he was raised really well and was very socialized.  We've only had him for a week and he already has learned to ring a bell that hangs off the door knob when he has to go out and do his business!  My vet wanted to know who the breeder was because he had several clients that he wanted to refer to you.  They were searching for a puppy for some time but couldn't find a breeder that they were comfortable with.  He couldn't get over how well behaved and well bred he was.  Anyway, thank you for breeding such a wonderful puppy.
We just adore him!

Penny, Tallahassee, FL
Hi Lorraine,
We were going to call you later this week with a progress report. We are so thrilled with Samson!  Yes, we are keeping his name, we love it. He was so calm for the three and a half hour ride home. He sits at our side when we are on the floor and he is so lovable. He only whimpered about a few minutes the first night in the crate in our room. He did whimper and bark the second night to the point where we had to put the crate on our bed so he could see us better and that calmed him down. He's had only one accident in the house so far and I think it was a fluke because Kellee went outside for two minutes to water a plant and he was upset. 

We went out first thing Saturday and got him a name tag, toys and the chicken soup lovers food. Our neighbors who formerly had a standard poodle gushed over him loving his color!

Kellee couldn't get him to our vet until Wednesday. We will keep you posted. Thank you to you and Paul for raising such a great puppy. 

Kellee & Jeff 
The story of Aveca and Simon

One day I received a phone call from a father that was on a mission to find his Autistic daughter, Aveca, a puppy that was to become a Service Dog for her.
Well, he found that puppy, Simon who was born out of Midas and Sophie on Sept. 19, 2012.  I am so proud of you, Simon!  He passed the temperament test that is needed to find out if he had all the qualities of becoming a service dog.  

Simon is currently living each second of each day being by Aveca's side.  She has learned how to feed and care for him. Because he is not really old enough to start his official training, Aveca's family is taking him out and exposing him many various places where he is getting a lot of socialization which is where the basics begin.  As he grows and develops more he will begin his training at
DREAM ACRES FOR AUTISM located in Sorrento, Florida.  Please visit their website:  www.dreamacresforautism.org
for more information on this wonderful organization!


                 Aveca and Simon

Please check back for updatea on this  amazing story.
Aveca watching tv and Simon keeping himself busy chewing his toy.
Dear Lorraine & Paul,
We are writing to express how thrilled we are with Samson, he is such a good dog and our sons have really fallen in love with him as have my husband and I.  It is obvious that you take great care and pleasure in raising your puppies.  He is a very smart dog and we have trained him to ring a bell on the back door when he needs to go outside.  He is both playful and docile at the same time and we can tell he is going to make a great companion.  We would highly recommend anyone interested in a standard poodle should contact you.  Enclosed are several pictures after Samson's recent grooming.  The groomer commented he behaved better than most dogs she grooms, especially when shaving his feet.  
Again, thank you so much for the effort and care you obviously put into your poodle puppies.
Kellee & Jeff 

Hi Lorraine,

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Ty!  He is so smart and is a very fast learner.  It's so obvious that you give your puppies a lot of attention as well as love and good care.  We take him everywhere with us and he gets more attention than a new baby.  Our groomer said that who ever the breeder was did a great job getting him used to grooming because he's such a good boy on the grooming table..
If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to use us.  
Thank you for raising such a well adjusted, happy and healthy pup..

Thank you,

Miami, FL